The Newsletter is Launched

The first issue of the Negotiation Guidance Associates Newsletteroundtable_negotiationr is being launched this morning on our resources page. The newsletter will appear about once each month. Each newsletter will address one of two themes. The first theme is Obstacles in Negotiation. The newsletter posted today focuses on obstacles by examining why people are reluctant to consider new solutions. Click this link to open NGA Newsletter March 2009 (it may take a few seconds to load).We will come back to the obstacles theme in future issues of the newsletter. The second newsletter theme is Tools for Negotiating. The Tools theme will be the focus of the April issue of the newsletter, where we will write about networking as a negotiation tool.

The Negotiation Guidance Associates Newsletter is an open service of NGA. We hope you will find the newsletters helpful. You can receive notice of the newsletter and other postings by signing up for an RSS feed.

We believe that an exchange of ideas is a great way to build negotiating expertise. That exchange can work through the comments feature of the blog. We encourage you to post comments about the newsletter or any of the other Negotiation Guidance Associates resources.

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1 Response to The Newsletter is Launched

  1. Janet Vogel says:

    This is an excellent newsletter with information that is useful in the daily work setting. The barriers to change that are identified in the article remind us that we negotiate on many topics each day. Thanks for making this research so applicable to my daily work!

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