Students Respond to “Step Up to Negotiation”

Berton Lee Lamb and Rusty Sanders presented Step Up to Negotiation at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in Baltimore, MD (August 19 & 20, 2010).  Step Up to Negotiation is a one-day foundational seminar.  Drs. Sanders and Lamb presented the seminar on successive days for employees from the Financial Management Systems Group, as well as other parts of the organization.  Here are a few key comments from participants:

“Every employee should have the opportunity to attend one of these negotiation courses.”

“Provided good ideas on what to consider in a negotiation.”

“Both instructors made the information easy to relate to real life.”

“Useful suggestions & ideas for preparation.”

“I learned useful and concrete strategies.”

“Very friendly.  I felt comfortable.”

“The instructors are really the basis for the educational experience of this class.”

“Very good overview.  Would love to have you teach a more in-depth class here, too.”

“Very good class.  Really enjoyed it!”

Step Up to Negotiation is a special seminar because it is tailored to the organizations where it is presented and brings a unique blend of real-life experience and in-depth knowledge.

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