What People Say about Our Training

We conducted a follow-up survey of people who took the Step Up to Negotiation seminar, which we held about a year ago in Baltimore at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  We thought it would be interesting to know what the participants would say about the Step Up to Negotiation training after some time had passed.

One of the questions we asked participants was whether or not they had changed their negotiation behavior.  The question we asked was: How have you changed your negotiation behavior after taking the training?   Here are the answers:

Participant Responses

“I am now a better listener and really do focus and listen and take time to actually absorb the information.”

“I have used my improved negotiation skills and have also been better able to identify negotiation techniques.”

“I use different approaches with people now when negotiating. With the many different personalities, it’s important to be able to read body language and tonality to really get to the bottom of where they are coming from. Then, using that information to communicate with them and negotiate in both of your favors.”

“In preparation for negotiation sessions I have spent more time focusing on the must haves, the nice to haves and the throw aways.  I begin looking at commonalities on all sides then move to things that require more give and take.”

“I have modified my negotiation behavior by not being as aggressive and trying to better understand the other party involved. The negotiation went a lot smoother as we moved through the process. Thanks to you both!”

“Yes, using  a negotiation tool-kit of skills of:

–         recognizing and overcoming potential barriers to agreement

–         creating trust and credibility

–         separating personal issues from negotiation issues

can substantially increase the probability of acquiring substantive gains, as well as fostering a productive relationship with the other party.”

“The course brought out the need to PREPARE for the negotiation sessions.  We cannot walk in an expect everything to go our way.  It is important to know as much as you can to ensure a good outcome.  Now, I try to spend a few minutes reviewing or re-reviewing material before going into a meeting, regardless if it is a formal negotiation.”

One-word Description of Results

Based on their negotiation experiences after taking the course, we asked participants to give us one or two words that best describe the training experience.  The answers are very interesting (words used more than once are in CAPS):

Beneficial, Exciting, ENTERTAINING, INFORMATIVE, Active, Helpful, Lively, Refreshing, PROFESSIONAL, Practical, Preparation, Strategy.

It is useful to compare the observations of participants after some  time had passed with those given immediately following completion of the course.  You can see those immediate responses on this post.  One intriguing factor is that the comments from participants immediately following the course and several months after the course are fairly consistent.  This is a good indicator that some of the skills presented in Step Up to Negotiation are retained and continue to be useful and practical.

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  1. This is an excellent way to determine whether there has been a transfer from the training room to the real world. Just the kind of information that makes for valuable training.– Results!

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