Negotiation Training–Student Evaluations

Each September the Fort Collins Science Center sponsors a workshop for experienced negotiations.  Entitled “Strategies and Tactics for the Experienced Natural Resource Negotiator,” this three-day training focuses on the negotiation skills needed by lead negotiators and managers.  Instructors for the course are Nina Burkardt of the U.S. Geological Survey and Lee Lamb of Negotiation Guidance Associates.  Student evaluations for the September 2011 course were excellent.  For example, those attending the workshop strongly agreed that they would recommend the course to co-workers and that they gained insight into their personal negotiation tasks and responsibilities.

Students praised the course and instructors.

“Negotiation  Exercise, Very  educational!”

“Despite  personal  reservations  about  role   playing,  this  was  very  helpful!”

“Had  to  reverse  my  opinion  on  role  playing, it  was  a   good  exercise  and  I  learned  a  lot.”

“Excellent  experience!”

“The  topics,  materials,  and  exercises  were  very  relevant  to  my  work  and  how  I  need  to  be  thinking  about  negotiation.  I  enjoyed  the   instructors’  teaching  styles  and  benefitted  from  their  experience.  I’m  going  to  go  back  and  encourage  others  in  my  organization  to   take  this  class!  Thank  you.”

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1 Response to Negotiation Training–Student Evaluations

  1. Lee, it sounds like the course was a total success. When will you be offering another course? II hope soon.

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