Even practitioners new to the art of negotiation can find success! In July,  Negotiation Guidance Associates  (NGA) completed training for employees of Mendocino National Forest and other Forest Service employees in the art and practice of negotiation. Wrote one student, “This training on Advancing the Art of Negotiation was one of the best trainings I have ever attended.” Said another, “[I] enjoyed the example court cases and


Susan K. Driver presents at the Advancing the Art of Negotiation course.

 exercises.” The majority of students reported that their knowledge of negotiation skills had greatly improved as a result of the course. 

Of the 20 students in the course, 72% said they had poor or very poor understanding of the principles, skills and techniques of negotiation before taking the course but 61% said they had a very good or excellent understanding after completing the training.

Instructors for the course were Susan K. Driver, J.D., Robert Deibel, and Dr. Berton Lee Lamb.

Advancing the Art of Negotiation is provided by NGA for special audiences throughout the United States..

The course is organized in three segments. The first section concentrates on the fundamentals of conflict resolution, basic negotiation knowledge, and strategies. The second section focuses on skill-building with exercises to sharpen skills and practice techniques. The third section offers a concentration appropriate to the interest and current work of the sponsor. In this training, NGA concentrated on the FERC process.

As the presenter in the third segment of the course, Robert Deibel observed that the students were engaged and 


Robert Deibel answers questions during the Advancing the Art of Negotiation Course

attentive to building their skill set. One of the students offered this review: “This was an excellent course with great instructors. I learned a lot not only regarding interactions and negotiations but the technical aspects of FERC relicensing. I highly recommend this course to anyone involved in FERC.

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