NGA Wraps Negotiation Training in SoCal

Berton Lee Lamb, Susan K. Driver, and Robert H. Deibel

We recently returned from our latest round of negotiation training courses in Southern California. During early December, we taught Advancing the Art of Negotiation to personnel from three different federal natural resource management agencies. The focus of this course was on natural resource negotiations with emphasis on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hydropower license proceedings.

We received numerous comments ranging from “This was an excellent introduction” to “I thoroughly enjoyed the class.” Participants in the course overwhelmingly reported that they would recommend the training to others.

Most important to us, however, were our student-rated scores in the evaluations we received. Students who entered the course reported a mean score of 2.4 out of 5 for their “understanding of principles, skills and techniques of negotiation” gave a mean score of 3.9 for the same question after taking the class. Participants rated 4.6 out of 5 for overall satisfaction with the training course.

Specifically, students commented:

  • The course is “excellent.”
  • Made relicensing negotiations “so much more understandable.”
  • “I am prepared to effectively participate.”
  • “I appreciate the opportunity to practice negotiation skills in a very relevant way.”
  • “It was an excellent introduction to how best to advance the agency’s interest in negotiations.”
  • “Instructors are excellent and bring a lot of experience to the training.”
  • “Provided ideas on structuring a strategy.”

On our end, we found the participants to be engaged, experienced, and dedicated to providing excellent public service. We were honored to help them continue to improve their skills and understanding to prepare for and succeed in multi-party natural resource negotiations .

As we move into the New Year, we at NGA look forward to continuing our service and training courses to civil servants and other negotiators in the public sector seeking to improve this nation’s collaborative natural resource management practices.

Happy 2020, everyone! We hope to work with you soon.


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