Training Announcement

Negotiation Skills for Natural Resource Professionals: Building a Foundation (Online) CLM8135A

Course Description

This training course is designed to help build knowledge and skills regarding natural resource negotiation. Agency professionals are often required to engage in negotiation processes with a diverse set of stakeholders and it is crucial that these skills are developed. Course participants will be provided with 3-4 short videos to view in advance, they will be asked to take a short communication quiz before the class begins, and asked to be familiar with the contents of the summary (that’s provided in advance) to the “Getting to Yes” book . This is a five-day (1:00PM-5:00OPM ET) online-class covering 20 hours of instruction time. The course is designed to provide exposure to basic concepts of negotiation and explore how natural resource professionals can apply these skills and concepts. The course will include short lectures, breakout room discussions, negotiation role play practice, and in-depth discussion and assessments of student negotiation examples. No previous negotiation experience is required, although many participants have had some exposure to natural resource negotiations.

Date – July 25-29 2022 1:00PM-5:00PM ET

Duration – Five Days Course/4 hours per day

Location – Online|EMAIL|

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