About Negotiation Coaching


Negotiation Guidance Associates (NGA) provides negotiation coaching for individuals and groups.  We can directly assist you or your organization with coaching that is tailored to your needs.  Negotiation coaching helps individuals or small teams (up to 15 people) who are:

  • Planning a negotiation and want to improve their skills and increase results,
  • Experienced in collaborative negotiation,  familiar with the principles of negotiation,  and/or have attended NGS’ Step Up to Negotiation seminar.

Get to know us!  Join in one of our Tele-Seminars.  These seminars are telephone conference calls with our coaches and people like you.  You can use the Tele-Seminars to get to know us with no obligation.

We assist people to prepare for and conduct negotiations. Coaching from NGA concentrates on developing negotiation strategies and working toward collaborative solutions.  NGA coaches meet with negotiators and negotiation teams in person and/or over the phone.  Coaches work to help negotiators:

  • Design a strategic approach to the negotiation,
  • Diagnose the negotiation situation, especially focusing on the other parties,
  • Develop a fresh perspective on the conflict,
  • Develop a communication plan,
  • Evaluate options for maximizing value for all parties,
  • Identify new information that must be developed to support the negotiation,
  • Increase skills and confidence,
  • Plan for difficult behavior, roadblocks, and shifts during the negotiation.


Join one of our Tele-Seminars.  After the Tele-Seminar we can arrange a one-on-one conversation about coaching needs.

  1. Meet after the Step Up to Negotiation seminar.  
  2. Meet with coaches after the seminar on Advancing the Art of Negotiation.

At the conclusion of these seminars, we are available so that participants have the opportunity to meet with one of the instructors to discuss how principles and skills from the seminar can be applied to their particular situation. 


Negotiation coaching sessions may be in person, over the telephone, or Internet conference.  The coaching sessions range from one hour to project-length.  Although NGA recognizes that some negotiators or negotiating teams may need immediate assistance with an on-going process, negotiation coaching is most beneficial if the coach can be involved early, when teams begin planning for a negotiation.  The best results are achieved if the negotiator or negotiating team can participate in formal training, such as Step Up to Negotiation, as part of the coaching program.

To learn more about how you might benefit from our coaching program click on the “Coaching Program” page.

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