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The Role of a Mediator

A blog post by Katherine Graham about the role of a mediator recently came across my desk. Ms. Graham makes a good point that mediators should avoid the very natural tendency to pull the parties toward a solution. She writes … Continue reading

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2013–The Year of the Professional Mediator

By Robyn McDonald, Esq. The year 2012 marked a tectonic shift in the world of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). In 2012, we experienced a global increase in acceptance of mediation as an alternative form of conflict resolution, and a worldwide dialogue … Continue reading

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Thinking about Your Opponent 5–Context

We often focus on our negotiation opponent in a very personal way. We think our opponent is unnecessarily harsh or deeply uninformed. Sometimes we simply feel that we cannot trust another party in a dispute.  We don’t want to negotiate when we … Continue reading

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Keys to Negotiation 4-Thinking about a Mediator

It seems surprising now, but there was a time when mediation wasn’t as common as it is today. There have always been mediators, of course.  It is just that for a variety of reasons mediation has become more commonplace.  One … Continue reading

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Mediator Susan Driver Joins NGA

We are pleased to announce the addition of Susan K. Driver as one of the associates with Negotiation Guidance Associates. Suzy is an experienced public policy mediator and a highly skilled negotiator. She is an expert on Indian and water … Continue reading

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