Meet Our Associates

Berton Lee Lamb, Ph.D., is the principal at Negotiation Guidance Associates.

Berton Lee Lamb
Berton Lee Lamb

(NGA). Lee brings more than 30 years of commitment and comprehensive experience to the fields of organizational management, leadership, and negotiation.  He is an energetic lecturer, creative facilitator, and inspiring coach.   Leadership and conflict resolution are his key focus areas. Click here to learn more about Lee and to contact him.

Nina Burkardt

Nina Burkardt, M.A., has extensive experience in the study of multi-party natural resource negotiations. The focus of her expertise is in determining the factors leading to success in environmental negotiations. Nina’s work has been published in a number of scholarly journals including Environmental Management, Wildlife Society Bulletin, Environmental Impact Assessment, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Water Resources Bulletin, and Environmental Practice. She has a long-standing interest in water resources management, especially Instream Flow. Ms Burkardt is past-president of the Western Social Science Association. She has been teaching negotiation courses since 1992.

Suzy Driver is a negotiation coach and lecturer
Suzy Driver is a negotiation coach and lecturer

Susan K. Driver is an attorney mediator in private practice in Portland, Oregon. As Principal in Susan K. Driver, J.D., Mediation Services, she providesmediation and facilitation services for federal, state, tribal and local government clients in natural resource and public policy matters. Ms. Driver has extensive experience and demonstrated skill as a neutral working with complex, multi-party, public policy conflicts involving technical issues in a highly politicized environment.  Click here to learn more and contact her.

Darlene Kilpatrick

Darlene Kilpatrick has a M.S. in wildlife biology. She has designed, implemented, and managed educational workshops and conferences for over 8 years and worked as a wildlife biologist for 17 years. Darlene currently manages and runs programming at a library and is the director of a disaster relief non-profit. 

Russell Sanders, Psy. D., known by the nickname, Rusty, holds four degrees in psychology and theology. 

Russell C. Sanders

Rusty’ is an engaging lecturer and a great negotiation coach.  Click here to learn more and contact Rusty.

Dr. Sanders’ knowledge of communication, including non-verbal communication, is invaluable in coaching for improved negotiation skills. 

His career spans over 30 years as a psychologist, consultant and trainer, clergyman, and adjunct faculty.