Kara L. Lamb

IMG_3316_2Kara L. Lamb, MA

Kara Lamb is a 25-year veteran of media, policy and corporate communications. She specializes in issue-based strategies, planning and development, crisis messaging, conflict resolution and relationship building. Her classes and tool-kits make strategic planning, public speaking and media management easy.

During her federal career, Kara served on advance teams for the Departments of the Interior and Energy, planning and executing major media and public events involving the participation of Cabinet level Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, and agency directors, including coordination with the White House. She wrote general hearing and Congressional testimony for the Western Area Power Administration, including WAPA’s testimony to FERC on anticipated impacts of the Clean Power Plan and the agency’s annual budget authorization testimony to the House Natural Resources Subcommittee of Water, Power, and Oceans. She was the senior spokesperson for the Bureau of Reclamation in four active crisis communication scenarios, including the Colorado Floods of 2013 when she served as local, regional and national spokesperson for Reclamation’s operations during the catastrophic flooding event. 

A communication leader, Kara served a 17-year tenure, including five years as Chairwoman, for the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program’s Information and Education committee. The team’s work has since been heralded as a model for other large-scale environmental negotiation programs balancing water rights and endangered species in the West. From this post, in 2014, she also supported both Interior and the Department of State during the Colorado River Minute 319 Pulse Flow program. In that role, she coordinated social media for Reclamation and Interior and worked in conjunction with Department of State personnel in joint message planning with natural resource agency counterparts in Mexico. 

Kara has a master’s degree in Environmental Ethics from Colorado State University and a background in public relations stemming from three years in entertainment marketing. By bridging expertise in the public and private sectors, Kara is able to combine science and policy, as well as business plans and programs, for effective communication across multiple media platforms. 

As an associate at NGA, Kara teaches subject matter experts, managers, and directors how to combine media management and public outreach to build community-based solutions. Look for her classes in media management, public speaking, and the ethics of environmental bargaining.