Robert W. Kuehner

Bob Kuehner is best at building and re-building programs. He is a graduate of Dana College and Trinity Lutheran Seminary and is an expert in financial development, capital fund drives, and major gift development. He has extensive experience in volunteer training and involvement, as well as working with boards of directors to increase effectiveness. He has been a senior manager for major non-profit institutions, where he helped build financial resources, supervised and evaluated staff, and mentored emerging

Robert W. Kuehner

Robert W. Kuehner

leaders. Bob’s goal is to help organizations maintain a mutually supportive and affirming partnership with staff and clients, while sustaining a focus on the organization’s mission.

Bob Kuehner has exceptional skills in leading and training volunteers and he has guided major non-profits to help them effectively integrate volunteers into the mission and programs of the organization.

He is also an expert in leading and hosting donor and legacy donor projects. He can help clients design and implement programs, host events, and train development personnel to improve the donor experience. He has worked with organizations to develop fundraising materials and brochures, established giving clubs, and prepare effective “ask” letters.

Bob’s expertise can help build or rebuild programs such as, fund raising, facilities, involvement and implementation. He has conducted strategic planning projects for non-profit institutions. He is especially dedicated to systematically including and educating many levels of constituents–ranging from staff to community to national audiences–in supporting the mission and goals of an organization.

He has recruited, employed, trained, and supervised staff members and leaders. His goal is always to develop mutually supportive and affirming partnerships that are mission focused.

Bob joined Negotiation Guidance Associates in 2015. He teaches the Step Up to Negotiation and three-day Advancing the Art of Negotiation courses when they are focused on congregational development and non-profit management.


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