Russell C. Sanders

Rusty’s educational and work experiences uniquely prepare him as an educator and trainer helping managers and supervisors succeed.  His background includes curriculum development, delivery, and consultation services for people from line employees to executives.

Dr. Russell C. Sanders

Rusty earned a doctorate in Psychology at the University of Northern Colorado, two Master’s degrees in pastoral counseling and theology at Texas Christian University, and a B.A. in Psychology at Texas Tech University. He is a licensed Psychologist in Colorado.  His clients have included Western Area Power Administration, Boulder Community Hospital, Denver Regional Transportation District.  You can read more about Rusty on his website at Leaders Edge Alliance.

His vision is to assist people in maximizing their effectiveness as leaders and managers. With an energetic and highly interactive style, participants in Dr. Sanders’ programs make discoveries that they can use immediately in their personal and professional relationships. His greatest pride is in the success of others.

Rusty joined Negotiation Guidance Associates in 2009. He teaches Step Up to Negotiation and the two-day Advancing the Art of Negotiation courses.

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