Free Resources

Workplace Conflict

Workplace Conflict: A Conversation with Jakob Hautalouma.  (Free Download) Managers in all levels of organizations face a delicate balance between encouraging creative conflicts over ideas and strategies and preventing or resolving destructive conflict. Dr. Hautalouma talks about how to recognize situations when constructive conflict begins to turn destructive.  He also talks about why managers cannot solve these problems themselves, when to bring in a mediator, and the steps a mediator might take to help work through the conflict.  Dr. Jacob “Jack” Hautalouma is a retired professor of Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University who maintains a private practice in organizational development and workplace conflict mediation.  He is a Fulbright Fellow who has consulted on organizational development and conflict world-wide.  The interviewer is Dr. Berton Lee Lamb, who is the Principal at Negotiation Guidance Associates. 

Resolving personal conflicts…..

Beyond Intractibility offers an extensive knowledge base of new approaches, online tutorials, case studies, and personal stories on conflict resolution.

Resources for women negotiators: This website addresses the skills of women in the negotiation process.

Public policy collaboration….

Cross Collaborate includes resources on public policy collaboration and capacity building for collaboration.

Collaborative Processes Program at the University of Wyoming brings together stakeholders, policy makers, and resource managers to develop creative solutions. is a resource for mediators. It has an international audience.

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