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NGA Newsletter 23, October 2014. This issue features the Peace by Piece Symposium as well as presentations on facilitation methods and leadership.

NGA Newsletter 22, April 2014. Subject: reciprocity. Introduces our associate Robert Kuehner.

NGA Newsletter 21, January 2014. In this issue we discuss how to develop and select leaders. We introduce our associate Susan K. Driver.

NGA Newsletter 20, October 2013. Ethics in leadership and negotiation.

NGA Newsletter 19, September 2013. Subjects: Dealing with an angry public, Leadership, public meetings.

NGA Newsletter 18, August 2013. This issue is dedicated to workplace conflict.

NGA Newsletter 17, February 2013 contains articles on dealing with an angry public and diplomacy.

NGA Newsletter 15, September 2012. In this issue we follow up with BATNA and also discuss “The End Game.” Comments from those who recently attended the “Advancing the Art of Negotiation” course in Portland, OR are also reported.

NGA Newsletter 14, August 2012. BATNA and Stakeholders are discussed.

NGA Newsletter 13, July 2012 In this newsletter we follow up on the discussion of unwanted 3rd parties, give some tips on recognizing behaviors, and talk about the Step Up to Negotiation seminar.

NGA Newsletter 12, May 2012  Three subjects are discussed in this newsletter: Negotiation tips, crucial conversation guides, and unwanted third parties. The training course Advancing the Art of Negotiation is also presented.

NGA Newsletter 11, April 2012  Newsletter 11 includes discussions of negotiation coaching, principles of negotiation, and what to do when others won’t negotiate.

NGA Newsletter 10, March 2012  This issue is devoted to workplace conflict.

NGA Newsletter 9, February 2012  This issue of the newsletter describes lessons for the leaders of negotiation teams.

NGA Newsletter 8, Jan., 2012 This edition focuses on stakeholders in negotiation.

NGA Newsletter 7, Nov., 2011 This edition of the newsletter features a discussion of the influence of culture on negotiation and an introduction to email negotiation.

NGA Newsletter 6, Oct., 2011  Why are some negotiators irrational?  This newsletter discusses that question, as well as topics dealing with effective communication. Subscribe to the Newsletter.

NGA Newsletter 5, Sept., 2011.  Compromise, Civility, Compassion, and Competition (the “four Cs” of negotiation) are discussed in this newsletter. Click the upper left button on the newsletter to subscribe.

NGA Newsletter 4, July, 2011  This newsletter discusses factors in multi-party negotiations.  To subscribe click on this link: Newsletter Subscription

NGA Newsletter 3, Aug 2009 This newsletter describes the uses of power and personality in an effective negotiation strategy.

NGA Newsletter 2, May 2009 Click link to open the pdf file and find out how expert negotiators use networks.

NGA Newsletter 1, March 2009 Are you frustrated that your negotiations are not successful? Confused about how to overcome obstacles to achieving a good deal?  Open this newsletter for some tips on overcoming obstacles.

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