Negotiation Guidance Associates offers five seminars: The Art of Successful Interactions at Work, Essentials of Negotiation,  Advancing the Art of Negotiation, Media Management, and Leader’s Edge: A Supervisors Guide to Success.

The Art of Successful Interactions at Work: 

Build influence, share information, and drive action! NGA’s newest course teaches subject matter experts, managers, and directors alike how to improve interpersonal skills in the office to enhance your overall performance as a negotiator, communicator, and leader. Get driven to develop your leadership edge, master media management, and leverage negotiation skills to the betterment of your work, both for yourself and for your team.

September 10-12, 2019, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO

February, 11-13, 2019, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO


Leader’s Edge: A Supervisor’s Guide to Success

It is said a manager stays behind yelling “Go that way!” while a leader runs with the front line crying “Follow me!” Whether you are a direct supervisor, a team leader, or someone wishing to develop the skills necessary to provide supervision, this class is for you. Learn the unique challenges of leadership, how to gain comfort in a supervisory role, and how to inspire confidence and motivation in those you lead.

Media Management

In today’s hectic 24/7 media cycle, it is hard to get a word in edgewise, let alone one that reaches your target audience. In this class, learn how value communication can help you reach those who need your information most, why staying on message is an essential skill, and how to negotiate the tricks and traps of interviews. You have rights when you work with the media!

Essentials of Negotiation

Essentials of Negotiation is a one-day course intended as a beginning or refresher course for negotiators and negotiating teams who have experience in negotiation but are interested in gaining enhanced skills. 

Advancing the Art of Negotiation

Advancing the Art of Negotiation is a two-day seminar intended for professionals who are seeking feedback on their negotiation skills and wish to improve their ability to bargain effectively.  

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