Advancing the Art of Negotiation

Advancing the Art of Negotiation is a two-day seminar intended for professionals who are seeking to improve skills in multi-party negotiations. Through a combination of instruction and practice participants are able to improve their ability to bargain effectively in these complex processes.  

Advancing the Art of Negotiation–FERC is an on-site three-day seminar that focuses specifically on the multi-party process of licensing and re-licensing Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) projects. The first two days of the course provide basic multi-party negotiation skills and approaches, but with examples and case studies drawn from FERC cases. The third day is devoted to planning and conducting FERC licensing negotiations.

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Step Up to Negotiation

Step Up to Negotiation is an on-site one-day course focusing on the essentials of negotiation. The training is suitable as a beginning or refresher course. Negotiators and negotiating teams who have experience in negotiation but are interested in gaining enhanced skills find this course highly rewarding.

Step Up to Negotiation is offered as a one-day, face-to-face seminar or On-line. The On-line seminar consists of nine video lectures with support materials and followup conference call.