Advancing the Art of Negotiation

Advancing the Art of Negotiation™ is designed for experienced professionals to receive feedback on their negotiation skills and improve their ability to bargain effectively.

This two-day seminar is offered by Negotiation Guidance Associates for businesses and government agencies at their work places.  Most people have received some level of training or guidance in negotiation and almost everyone has a wealth of experience. Professionals from all sectors tell us they need expert guidance, but they don’t have the time to devote to a long training course. We know that negotiation skills improve with practice and training. For that reason we designed Advancing the Art of Negotiation to provide training in a compressed timeframe.

By addressing four vital negotiation skills, Advancing the Art of Negotiation offers professionals a quick refresher on bargaining, allows them to learn from one another, and provides an opportunity for everyone to interact with experienced negotiation coaches.

To request course materials or learn more about Advancing the Art of Negotiation please contact us:

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