Advancing the Art of Negotiation

NGA's Dr Lamb training

Dr. Lamb leading negotiation training

Are you ready to negotiate that big multi-party settlement? Do you have a negotiating team with the skills necessary to reach an negotiated agreement?

Advancing the Art of Negotiation is designed to help experienced professionals develop their negotiation skills and improve their ability to bargain effectively.

This seminar is offered by Negotiation Guidance Associates in two formats:

  • Multi-party Negotiations: A two-day seminar on the fundamentals of conflict resolution with an emphasis on negotiations in the context of complex multi-party disputes.  Participants deepen their knowledge and enhance their skills in all aspects of multi-party negotiation from assessing stakeholders and their willingness to negotiate to developing strategies that shift the bargaining from competition to cooperation.
  • Natural Resource Negotiations: A three-day seminar that covers all of the skills and training included in the two-day seminar plus a third day focused on negotiating natural resource issues of particular interest to the participants and sponsor. The third day is developed in concert with the sponsor to identify and clarify the negotiation situations typically encountered by the participants.

Most professionals have received some level of training or guidance in negotiation and almost everyone has a wealth of experience to draw upon.  Advancing the Art of Negotiation builds on this experience by encouraging interactions among participants to draw out important lessons learned.  The training provided by the instructors leverages this experience. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of multi-party negotiations by recognizing and developing negotiation strategies, improving their abilities to discern between strategies and tactics, practicing how to respond to tactics, and learning ways to improve future negotiation outcomes while practicing new techniques in a safe place.

Professionals from past trainings have shared that while they need expert negotiation training, guidance and practice, the demands of their workload prevent them from devoting time to a week-long training course. For that reason we have designed Advancing the Art of Negotiation to provide negotiation training and skills-based practice in a compressed timeframe with experienced negotiation coaches.

To learn more about Advancing the Art of Negotiation please contact us:


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