Natural Resources Negotiation


This week-long training is dedicated to improving the skill and ability of natural resource management professionals in dealing with the complexities of environmental negotiation.  The seminar is offered for large groups, through special arrangements at the host’s location.

What participants should expect:

  • Cooperative learning combining lecture, exercises, & discussion
  • Knowledge of essential negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of special aspects of natural resource & environmental negotiation
  • Negotiation strategies and how to select what is right for you
  • Interest-based bargaining in the natural resources context

For more information or to arrange for this seminar contact Berton Lee Lamb by submitting a private message on the contact form above.  If you are interested in an individual or small group registration for natural resources negotiation training we suggest the training offered by the U.S. Geological Survey, which may be found at: USGS or go to our Resources Page.

For a printable copy of the brochure click here: Natural Resources Negotiation Brochure PDF.

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