Step Up to Negotiation

Step Up to Negotiation™ is a one-day seminar offered by Negotiation Guidance Associates. In these highly interactive seminars professionals from many fields will explore together the building blocks of successful negotiation strategies. These strategies are designed to help business managers, engineers, and scientists develop an appreciation for their personal negotiation style, build confidence, and learn how to move from confrontation to problem-solving. Here is a video describing the seminar:

What You Will Learn

In the segment entitled “Why Negotiate?” participants evaluate negotiation situations with an eye to choosing the best approach to problem solving.  This kind of evaluation is a key to saving time and money, as well as reaching strong decision. We also describe the top ten “Common Pitfalls in Negotiation.” This is a very interactive part of the course, with lots of discussion. “Building Blocks of Negotiation Strategy” lays out the three basic negotiation strategies and outlines the negotiation tactics associated with each of them. Throughout this segment, participants will learn how to identify these strategies when they are used by others, techniques for countering unproductive strategies, and how to choose a strategy that best fits different situations.

The segment on “How to Present Yourself in Negotiation” examines effective techniques for presenting information, gathering information through listening and non-verbal signals, and responding to the cues given by other parties. “How to Prepare for Negotiation” focuses on your personal style and taking advantage of your professional strengths and weaknesses. In this segment you will learn how to assess the negotiation incentives of the other parties.

Step Up to Negotiation course agenda

After the seminar. After the seminar you may choose to continue discussions with the instructors in 0ne-on-one conversations. The after-seminar sessions provide participants with an introduction to the negotiation coaching experience and are included in the price of the seminar.  If you decide to engage a negotiation coach, your negotiating team will introduce the specific negotiation to the  coach and, together, begin preparing.  The purpose of the after-seminar session is to help those who want to engage a negotiation coach make decisions about the type of coaching they need. Participants will use their own knowledge, the lessons from Step Up to Negotiation, and the instructor’s expertise to examine their particular strategy and negotiation plan.  The negotiation coach who ultimately works with a negotiator or team may not be one of the instructors, but could be another NGA associate who has more direct subject matter expertise.

To schedule the Step Up to Negotiation seminar, please contact NGA by filling out and submitting the private message box below.


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