Negotiation Hints and Guides

Choosing the Right Negotiator, by Berton Lee Lamb.  This short essay is available for immediate download (Free).  Written as a short story, Dr. Lamb provides guidance on how to select a negotiator, including the five vital skills for a lead negotiator.

Audio Seminars

Working with Stakeholders in Negotiation. This digital conference call recording features a discussion with negotiation coaches Susan K. Driver, Russell C. Sanders, and Berton Lee Lamb.  It is available for free download.  The recording (39 minutes) covers topics including how to identify and involve stakeholders, skills in working with stakeholders, and surprises that are frequently encountered during negotiation.


Workplace Conflict: A Conversation with Jakob Hautalouma.  (Free Download) Managers in all levels of organizations face a delicate balance between encouraging employee participation–even conflicts over ideas and strategies–and preventing or resolving destructive conflict. Dr. Hautalouma talks about these two kinds of conflict, including how to recognize situations when constructive conflict begins to turn destructive.  He also talks about why managers cannot solve these problems themselves, when to bring in a mediator, and the steps a mediator might take to help work through the conflict.  Dr. Jakob “Jack” Hautalouma is a retired professor of Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University who maintains a private practice in organizational development and workplace conflict mediation.  He is a Fulbright Fellow who has consulted on organizational development and conflict world-wide, including for agencies such as the World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development, and Peace Corps.  The interviewer is Dr. Berton Lee Lamb, who is the Principal at Negotiation Guidance Associates.

Introduction to Workplace Conflict: Interview with Dr. Russell C. Sanders.  (Download) In this 27-minute interview, Dr. Sanders talks about the causes of workplace conflict and the steps leaders can take to deal with those conflicts.  He also lists the symptoms of workplace conflicts and the critical skills for dealing with them.  The interviewer is Dr. Berton Lee Lamb of Negotiation Guidance Associates.

Negotiation Skills for Entrepreneurial Start-ups.  In this interview, Lee W. Wiley–Managing Partner with Wiley Advisors–discusses the special negotiation skills needed for entrepreneurs in start-up companies.  Mr. Wiley gives keys for improving customer interactions and working with new employees.  The interviewer is Dr. Berton Lee Lamb, who is the Principal at Negotiation Guidance Associates.

Working with an Advisory Board.  (Download) Lee W. Wiley is a noted business strategist.  In this interview he discusses the whys and hows of using an advisory board for small businesses and start-up companies.  He describes how to select a board of advisors, how the board can help small businesses, and how to motivate board members.  And there is more!  Mr. Wiley is the Managing Partner at Wiley Advisors.  The interviewer is Dr. Berton Lee Lamb of Negotiation Guidance Associates.

Secrets of a Longterm Business Partnership. (Free Download) In this conversation Larry Salmen, a successful tech industry entrepreneur, discusses his experiences in building and operating a business with a longterm partner. Mr. Salmen draws out lessons related to small business negotiation. The interviewer is Dr. Berton Lee Lamb of Negotiation Guidance Associates.

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