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Should Mediators “Evaluate?”

Here is a quote from a blurb that recently appeared in the International Chamber of Commerce webpage: “..the benefit of mediation was seen as lying in the mediator’s ability to look beyond the polarised positions of the parties and find … Continue reading

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2013–The Year of the Professional Mediator

By Robyn McDonald, Esq. The year 2012 marked a tectonic shift in the world of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). In 2012, we experienced a global increase in acceptance of mediation as an alternative form of conflict resolution, and a worldwide dialogue … Continue reading

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Lee and Rusty at theMAC

Lee and Rusty presented a noontime seminar for theMAC on the subject of multi-party negotiation. The presentation was part of theMAC’s regular seminar series. TheMac is The Mediation Association of Colorado. Click here to go to their webpage.  The presentation … Continue reading

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Leadership Reflections

A recent issue of the WSSA News–the newsletter of the Western Social Science Association–contained an article about leadership that featured the work of Berton Lee Lamb. Click links to download the article: Leadership article

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Keys to Negotiation 4-Thinking about a Mediator

It seems surprising now, but there was a time when mediation wasn’t as common as it is today. There have always been mediators, of course.  It is just that for a variety of reasons mediation has become more commonplace.  One … Continue reading

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