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Even practitioners new to the art of negotiation can find success! In July,  Negotiation Guidance Associates  (NGA) completed training for employees of Mendocino National Forest and other Forest Service employees in the art and practice of negotiation. Wrote one student, “This … Continue reading

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Resolving Workplace Conflicts

Does workplace conflict have you stressed out?  Does your team struggle with lost productivity because of conflict? Are you worried that workplace conflict could hinder your career? “Keys to Resolving Workplace Conflicts” is a one-hour presentation where you will learn: … Continue reading

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Why Step Up to Negotiation?

Step Up to Negotiation is a unique seminar offered by Negotiation Guidance Associates on-site for companies and organizations. Step Up to Negotiation is unique because it is non-threatening and highly  personable training. Negotiation skills improve with practice and training. Most people … Continue reading

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What People Say about Our Training

We conducted a follow-up survey of people who took the Step Up to Negotiation seminar, which we held about a year ago in Baltimore at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  We thought it would be interesting to know what … Continue reading

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Using Power and Personality to Negotiate

“Disputes can be transformed using two tools: power and personality” says contributor Berton Lee Lamb. In the current NGA newsletter he discusses how successful negotiators must understand both the sources of  power and the personality styles within a negotiation to achieve … Continue reading

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