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Workplace Conflict: A Developing Story

When did you first start thinking about conflict resolution techniques for the workplace? If you say you first tuned into methods to resolve conflict sometime in the 1980s your are not far off according to a new study in the … Continue reading

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One of the most frequent questions we are asked is about stakeholders. Who are stakeholders in a negotiation, how do you identify them, and how do you work with them? We have written about stakeholders and talked about working with … Continue reading

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Most Frequent Searches of This Webpage

We keep track of the search terms used to access this webpage. Listed below are the top five search terms used over the past 12 months. ┬áSearch terms are the words or phrases entered into search engines, such as Google, … Continue reading

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The Special Challenges of Multi-Party Negotiations, Part 2

┬áBy Susan K. Driver As I discussed in an earlier article, the structure of every negotiation is multi-dimensional. At any given time, negotiations are occurring simultaneously along three distinct dimensions: (1) the horizontal dimension across the table with the other … Continue reading

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