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Should Mediators “Evaluate?”

Here is a quote from a blurb that recently appeared in the International Chamber of Commerce webpage: “..the benefit of mediation was seen as lying in the mediator’s ability to look beyond the polarised positions of the parties and find … Continue reading

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The Role of a Mediator

A blog post by Katherine Graham about the role of a mediator recently came across my desk. Ms. Graham makes a good point that mediators should avoid the very natural tendency to pull the parties toward a solution. She writes … Continue reading

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Making the Process Work–Facilitation

“In control but not the judge.” This is how one facilitator described his role in a restorative justice meeting (Borton, 2013). This description is a classic statement about the role of a facilitator. In Borton’s study, facilitators agreed on the … Continue reading

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The Efficacy of Alternative Dispute Resolution

The efficacy of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) when compared with more formal processes has been a question much discussed in the literature of conflict resolution. A recent study, published in Public Administration Review suggests that ADR can be fairly effective. The … Continue reading

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2013–The Year of the Professional Mediator

By Robyn McDonald, Esq. The year 2012 marked a tectonic shift in the world of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). In 2012, we experienced a global increase in acceptance of mediation as an alternative form of conflict resolution, and a worldwide dialogue … Continue reading

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Lee and Rusty at theMAC

Lee and Rusty presented a noontime seminar for theMAC on the subject of multi-party negotiation. The presentation was part of theMAC’s regular seminar series. TheMac is The Mediation Association of Colorado. Click here to go to their webpage.  The presentation … Continue reading

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Keys to Negotiation 4-Thinking about a Mediator

It seems surprising now, but there was a time when mediation wasn’t as common as it is today. There have always been mediators, of course.  It is just that for a variety of reasons mediation has become more commonplace.  One … Continue reading

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