About Us

Negotiation Guidance Associates (NGA) is devoted to providing expert advice and coaching in the fields of negotiation and conflict resolution.  We offer coaching, seminars, and resources.

Our Associates are experienced in many areas of conflict resolution and leadership, including multi-party conflicts, mediation, environmental disputes, and communication strategies. In addition, associates provide help with leadership, supervision, performance evaluation, and strategic planning.  To learn more about negotiation coaching from NGA, click here to open the negotiation coaching page. For more information about negotiation coaching from NGA click on this link.

Using interactive workshops, corporate presentations, and one-on-one consultation, our goal is to make a direct contribution to each client’s profitability through better decision-making and improved supervision.  In working with our clients, we seek to achieve the following specific goals:

1. We will undertake coaching assignments for leaders and negotiators that result in direct contributions to the client’s profitability through better decision-making and improved supervision.
2. We will design and implement workshops that result in demonstrable negotiation and leadership behavior changes on the job, as determined by customer feedback.

Berton Lee Lamb

BERTON LEE LAMB is the principal at Negotiation Guidance Associates. Dr. Lamb has led teams of researchers investigating decision making and negotiation in resource management since 1980. He and his colleagues have assisted in planning and initiating collaborative decision processes. He has published on conflict resolution, environmental policy, and institutional analysis.  Dr. Lamb is a member of the Editorial Board of Sustainability Science, and International Journal of Sustainable Societies. He coordinated an international conference on modeling environmental flows (2004) and organized an international conference on institutional analysis for environmental policy (2005). Dr. Lamb is a past president of the Western Social Science Association and his articles have appeared in a variety of journals including International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behavior, Public Administration Review, Public Works Management and PolicyEnvironmental ManagementJournal of Environmental Planning and Management, and Environmental Practice.

Lee lecturing at Yamaguchi University, Japan 2004

Lee lecturing at Yamaguchi University, Japan 2004