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by Daniel R. Merz, Ph.D* One of the more difficult personalities to face in mediation is when one of the parties exhibits an egotistical, armored, and intimidating personality. These individuals will often display additional character traits such as bullying, grandiosity, … Continue reading

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The Term Sheet: What Is It and How Do We Use It?

By Sarah Klahn,* David Belcher,** and Berton Lee Lamb We often encounter “term sheets” in multi-party negotiations. Recently, we were involved in a negotiation that was going pretty well. The parties had agreed on a few things and seemed to … Continue reading

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Final, Contingent, and Straw Man Offers

by Berton Lee Lamb and Sarah Klahn* Offers made in a negotiation can come in a variety of “flavors.” The flavor you choose should be selected to maximize development of mutual trust, create open discussion, and search for good results. … Continue reading

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NGA Wraps Negotiation Training in SoCal

By Berton Lee Lamb, Susan K. Driver, and Robert H. Deibel We recently returned from our latest round of negotiation training courses in Southern California. During early December, we taught Advancing the Art of Negotiation to personnel from three different … Continue reading

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Transition Management, Part 1: The Interpersonal Negotiation

By Russell C. Sanders, Psy.D. There comes a time in everyone’s life when a change produces a reaction that calls for a psychological readjustment. Change is a fact. Transitions are important in all phases of our lives. When we face … Continue reading

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Improving Performance Through Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback can be difficult, challenging, maddening, and hard. Our colleague, Dr. Russell Sanders, has recently posted some guidance about how to give feedback in a way that improves performance in the workplace. One of the lessons Dr. … Continue reading

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Concerned about Communication? Look to Your Phone

Three Keys to Effective Communication: Clarify, Keep It Simple, and Never Speculate. Continue reading

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