Digital Negotiating: Video-conferences

Negotiating by video-conference, such as Zoom or MS Teams, has recently become more common.  When reviewing the on-line literature on this subject it became apparent that there is less research available about how to conduct a video negotiation. But there are a few lessons that might be helpful:

  1. Video-conference negotiations are more similar to telephone negotiations than they are to email negotiations.
  2. In a video conference you are setting the stage and framing the image you want to convey. For this reason it is important to prepare the scene.
  3. Marshall Bright observed that the most important thing you can do to help video-conferences succeed is to figure out your strategy before you start.
  4. Technical difficulties are to be expected; practice using the conference apps before your negotiation begins. Don’t let glitches throw you off balance.
  5. Video increases the chances to send unwanted signals.

Helpful Hints:

These folks give some great basic Zoom advice. 

How to look your best on a video call.


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